How many Rare Candy?


How many Rare candies do you have?

I got 94


Saving for Gen 4 evolutions when they open up in game.


I am saving for Garchomp


I got none after powering up my mewtwo :japanese_ogre:


I am planning on powering up my 98% weather boosted Mewtwo. Got him on last day of raids before I went back to work.


I have 5 lol


I’ve made Ralts & Shinx Candy from them all.


Just used 130 on Rayquaza 3 days ago.
I wanted to spend them on gen4 legendary. Just hope the rest of them get decent moves so they arent wasted.


0 :crazy_face:


I got 22


I just used a whole bunch


I wish I could MAKE a shinx .


Over 500


I throw mine straight into what ever the current Legendary or previous one that I know I want more Candy of. I need the bag space so I don’t stock pile.




I have 68 left, just spend 60 on different mons to power them up/so I could evolve them.


With my first trainer I had the race to level-up as my top aim, so I used candies as soon as I had enough to evolve, and stardust to make those viable in gym contests; all rare candy was pumped straight into the Mew and Mewtwo.

My new trainer is trying the strategy of saving the consumables for individual pokemon that are worth evolving or powering up. So that one has nearly every rare candy he’s gotten so far. The only reason that’s still just 119 is that raid time ends before my free time starts nearly every day.

Sure wish there was some way to earn rare candies and TMs after work!! Secondarily, I wish we could accumulate rare candies without using bag capacity, like with regular candies or stardust or raid passes or gifts…


I have 9.I don’t use them alot,but if you farm candy to evolve Pokemon it goes faster with Rare candies.


OMG your mewtwo is 5CP lower than mine