How many Rare Candy?


Dont know what to blow it on tbh, I lack dust, not candies




I always like rare candies, but always need stardust, and always want more of both.


3 now
most likely to bust it within 2 days


Did 2 Legendary Raids this morning, so now I have 62.


Got 38


Nothings changed, I’m still storing them in Legendary for powering up my count is 0




None. They go straight to my Legendaries I intend to level up at a moment’s notice. In this case, Dialga.


Still at 250


Damn bro


I had over 300 a few days ago but dumped my extras into Mewtwo. Gotta keep a stock in case I need to power up or evolve a dandy :sweat_smile:


My Shadow Ball Mewtwo has two moves nail like you said works pretty good


I have 300+ as of now, I will gradually dump them into my Rayquaza team and Giratina-O, I am looking for a few good Giratina-O to back up my Gengar in my ghost team


What is the second move for your SB Mewtwo?


0 again




Got 73 saving them for the next wave of Pokemon


Still on 0 but running out of ideas on which Legendary to pump them into when I get them. I don’t have the bag space to hold them so that’s not an option.
I could drop them them on Dialga and Palkia in the hope I’ll get something worthy of Powering up if/when they return again as I have nothing worthy now.