How many in-game Friends do you have now?


199 friends - why wouldn’t you have plenty for the xp and items? I try to rotate opening gifts, gift back if I can, and don’t worry if someone ditches me. It’s not personal, just a game tool.

I only have 2 real life friends on PoGo.


148, sigh yet there seems to be a shortage of gifts.


11, but one is just a leech. So 10.

Joym24K or @Joy only opens, not giving, not anymore. 38 days to best friend, I’ll kick her before the end of this week.


What if she is like gone or in a hospital or in a rural area right now but yes you should kick


Like 75???


hovering around 20. I hate it when people don’t keep up and never reciprocate.


Still not all 10 are best friends, so I have some targets,


Do you randomly added people or only if you got to know someone a little more on the forum?


Got some random invites last week (my number is up on a site for our city). Still working on other friends, will send the new ones gifts when the others are done. Cant really be to bothered by people removing me if i dont open/send fast enough. Im at 30 best friends, 35 ultras. That pretty much guarantees bonus at raids so i dont NEED more friends. Its just nice to have more.

  1. It’s pretty controlled.

  1. I can add 5 more. First 5 fastest.


I’m still at 200. I haven’t done a purge lately, but I’ll post here before I do.


I got 191




Who are you asking


Everyone :wink:


About 20 of my friends are people actually know and the rest are from the megathread


My Latest are the regulars here…

I pick from the MegaThread those who have choosen a good name, and not just a bunch of alphanumeric codes.

I only have 3 that I personally know in real life but all are not that active anymore, so much are from foreign countries…


If vpaddy123 is on here, go ahead and open present for Best Friends. I have no eggs.


Got 154 now got rid of everyone that never played or send gifts or open them