How many in-game Friends do you have now?


I have 152.


101 and 200 requests. idk Who wanna fight best way is to DM me and i add you and i can mark your name as PVP so i can gift daily. I also don’t open gifts from friday- sunday as much. To keep space for eggs monday, but since Riolu isn’t 50% chance anymore i may change my opening gift attitude.


I’m up to 194 now


I friend requested you btw


I have 149 and 15 of them are Best friends and about 30 are Ultra friends.Btw only 5 of them I know irl.:joy:


Got 66 in total


Same here I got max friends but only have 3 that I know irl.


About 15 are ppl I raid with


To much to gift, need to be able to gift more people daily, a limit really doesn’t make sense to me…not like 1 trainer getting multiple gifts a day from 1 trainer. I guess they don’t want us to get easy XP??


I know what you mean it takes days to send to all


Even if you gift every trainer, not like the reward is that OP. You spun 100 stops? got 50 gifts… pretty much the same if you sent everyone a gift regardless you got to go get the gift from a stop. Xp and rewards coming in either way… a limit is not necessary. Making me look like i ignore people :imp:

Gifting limit

I understand this some times ppl remove me cos of this


The good thing i learnt is that if you remove someone you don’t lose your friendship progress as if you were never removed😁


That’s kind of mean lol


i removed my Ex’s dad and my cousin lol🤷🏾‍♂️


I would have done the same thing that was a good move but I would have left my ex on there just so every time I send a gift she can remember I’m still out there


She didnt play. Tbh we used to be a team i would drive and she would play my account, basically got me to lvl 20. Was romantic. Back when her dad didnt like Go, then he got into it and was even driving to my house to trade or get info. I would tell him advice and everything. I couldn’t keep doing that. Had to stop, so i deleted him. Last i heard he needed my help and wanted more info and i simply said ask your new bf, which i know probably doesn’t play or even will meet her father. Oh well.

For my cousin, he simply said Go sux and he tired of getting mewtwo quit, raged at me that i play. He returns every now and then but always dissing Go to the point i have to put him in his place, he is 2 years older so it makes sense why he would complaine. When i readded him i noticed he was still same friendship level as he was when i removed. Now he’s on friendslist but doesn’t even play.


That’s cool man the first part of it is but I understand what you’re saying


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109 now