Ho-Oh and Celebi release date discussion



So, since models of Ho-Oh and Celebi has been detected in app network data, why not slowly discuss when and how they will be released? I just want one thing about them: They better won’t be avalible via that stupid piece of thrashy s… called Ex raids…

General discussion

I think that Celebi would be a wild spawn (much like Mew whenever he arrives) And Hooh will very likely be an EX raid only.


they need to either completely make it clear how to get a ex pass or get rid of it completely. most people haven’t gotten one yet. players who gotten one and beat mewtwo seem to get more. also, last time something was found in network traffic was super incubators but they weren’t put into the game till a month later.


sorry to hear u haven’t gotten one yet once u do, you will be happier but ho-oh and celebi needs to come out this month, otherwise there wont be much to keep players busy till gen 3 drops.


I hope it’s not via EX-Raids; however, it always has a chance. Personally, I think that maybe Celebi will be an EX, though that is iffy. As for Ho-oh, I’m thinking it will be released as a five-star normal raid, like Lugia was. In fact, maybe there’s a chance that Lugia will come back alongside Ho-oh, and maybe we’ll get all three legendary dogs at the same time alongside the two, kind of like all the Birds in July/August. If we’re lucky, we’ll get all Birds as well. I personally would like that, as I missed Entei in it’s cycle through the US, and I completely missed the chance to get any of the Legendary Birds. But maybe that would annoy lots of other players who already have loads of the birds and dogs available to them. But at least, when eggs would appear, it’s not this whole thing where you already know what the raid will be; I think it adds an element of surprise, which should be good, true, smart.


good point. I hope ho-oh is in a normal legendary raid. I wish celebi and mew would be wild but idk. they have to fix ex raid passes and all that first before they can add a new raid boss in the ex system. the safest thing to do is just put them in normal legendary raids.


If Niantic involves all legendaries (+ Mythical Pokemon) into Ex raid system, all 74 legendaries could only be captured in Ex raids. Mythical Pokemon should be hatched from eggs (50km) which is a reference to Pokemon anime. Niantic is over relying on raids.


Beasts could be released all at once in December, along with Ho-Oh, who will probably be an EX Raid boss
As for Celebi and Mew, they will probably be event only, be it with 50km eggs or raids


Mew, Celebi, Jirachi… they should not be released in Raids. It would be great if they are released in a special catch event. Christmas is a good moment for that kind of event but with all the 3Gen stuff I think is going to be passed.


I know, I was referring to Hooh (most likely) being an EX raid boss. By that point, hopefully the EX system has either been fully released or removed.


Who think Niantic are complicating raid system?
From my observation, Niantic are overestimating raid system. All released legendaries (until now) can only be captured from raids. Wouldn’t it be monotonous?


I think that Niantic imagined this grand vision, of hundreds of millions of players all raiding together. What actually happened is that a large chunk of the players all dropped off soon after launch due to no entertaining content. If there was something like PvP at launch, and then came Trading or some other grand feature i’m Sure that there would still be 300,400 million players.


I understand why you choose ‘no fresh content’ as the biggest ATM now.


They have to fix the raid system first before thinking ho-oh could be a ex raid boss