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I will post all news here, other can do the same, but this is not a place for GO Hub articles.

First News: October CD was leaked by Niantic, similar to the Larvitar Day. It will be Gastly and Gengar with Sucker Punch according to the leak.

Beldum CD Leaked!
Beldum CD Leaked!

i should say,this thread will be very useful!!!


Sorry, the October CD will be Gastly and Shadow Claw Gengar as leaked.


i certainly love gengar…:heart_eyes:


Really? Seriously? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes, that was the leak.


Does Gengar already learn sucker punch now?


I see, Shadow Claw Gengar :heart_eyes:


Just like this, I will bold all News. If you will post news like me, please do the same.


Thanks @Pokemon, you are the news reporter :grinning:


Sick, cause who said Go Hub gets info first?


They dont.

But they get the most people when they post news, unless Pokemon GO posted it first


Next News: There is 2 versions of Pokemon GO still to be added to the Master Code to find leaks, one will have gen 4 most likely. Gen 4 could have leaks as early as TOMMOROW or THURSDAY!




It does not hurt to get news from various sources


New Version Added! In 0.119.1, you can see this!

Credits go to Community GO News


Update Notes:
You can now share an Exclusive Raid Pass with one friend
•You can now swipe to dismiss in-app notifications Various bug fixes and performance updates


More notes
crabhammer move sound added
keckleon sound updated


Also this:



These images were added to the game