Gyms - New Coin System


@Pat I think maybe the best thing would be to combine the ideas. Some coins earned for putting a Pokémon in the gym and some earned over time and collected when you give the 'mon a berry.
I would also like to see more rewards for battling in the gyms, getting the coins going would be a good start.


Like… coin collection at midnight on Pokémon that are in gyms as well as return when they return. Like… “I have a Pokémon Ina gym for a day and I get coins at midnight. But my joke of a Caterpie that lasted 10 minutes still gives me one coin when it returns.”


How about once your Pokemon reaches 50 coins, it automatically returns to you, so you don’t have to see it sitting there earning nothing for days, if you are unlucky. This would make the gym easier to take down for rival teams, or open up a new space for someone else from your own team to get in. I have got two Pokemon back today, which have been gone for over two days, and I have earned zero coins from them, as I already got my 50 coins today from another one. Very very disappointing.
Just read all the comments from the top and noticed I’ve said the same as @SkyBato. Wasn’t copying you, just had the same good idea it seems, although Niantic wouldn’t agree, as it would mean they were constantly paying out, instead of as it is now, not so often.


I’ve had tons of Pokemon return with no coins because I already hit my daily limit. This system sucks because you aren’t rewarded until you lose. I haven’t not hit my limit because I try to put enough Pokemon in different places so I know I’ll get knocked out somewhere. What kind of strategy is that though? I also only put in Pokemon that I used to Prestige with so they are easy to beat so when they do return, I can transfer them without wasting revives and potions. They need to put the daily limit back up to 100 coins. It stinks that it takes me 3 days now to earn enough to get an egg incubator.


@bobbyjack8, seems no one is winning with this system, no instant reward for taking down a gym, with the likelihood of losing it quite soon, if no one on your team is around to add to it, and deter rivals from bothering, then, as you say, if a few come back at once, and you’ve reached your daily limit, it was all for nothing. I’m starting to think Niantic is hoping people will use real money to get raid passes, because they don’t want to miss out on raids.


I’ve been trying to spread my mons around some. It worked well today as I hit my limit before breakfast…yesterday on the other hand I think I only ended up with 20 or so coins. On my way home tonight, I put mons in every gym I could and if even one is still there tomorrow when I wake up I’ll get my max again. Not perfect, but just spread them around rather than relying on a few


I’m using the new Gym system as a way to clear out my Pokedex. Let 'em earn me 50 coins before I transfer them to the professor and he grinds them up into candy.


I just want my coins, no one even kicks out the rubbish I have started to put in :frowning:


@Jake, I know how you feel, it’s very annoying, and if you manage to put a few in different gyms, and they come back on the same day, you lose out, and if you empty a gym in a busy area, you are lucky to keep it there for more than 10 minutes. I think that once your Pokémon reaches 50 coins, it should return to you automatically.


I miss the 500 daily stardust. Any workaround tips?


@Heidiclaire I believe the only alternative (other than catching more pokemon) is feeding about 25 berries a day, which is definitely not as easy. At least gyms are now pokestops, so it is slightly easier to get pokeballs and berries.


500 stardust is just 1-2 caught pokemon. Not so much if you ask me…


I would be fine if there was a way you could return a Pokémon you have on a gym to yourself.

Would help in areas where only one team dominates the local gym scene.


Ya know … I’ll keep playing in hopes that it’ll be worth it. Over the past year I’ve built up a really good team of pokemon based on good IV’s, high CP points, good movesets … etc. I’m really disappointed in what’s happened lately. There’s no motivation anymore, no competition and no motivation to build a good team of pokemon.


I like this idea, it could bump gym rotation for people in rural areas.


With only 50 coins a day now, it will take me 24 days to save up enough to buy that new anniversary box.


That thing is a joke!! Barely a discount at all


Yeah a little pricey, I don’t see enough rare spawns to justify purchasing ultra balls. I barely buy incubators, but that should change when gen 3 rolls out. As for now I’d rather not hatch anymore Miltanks and Pinecos and just stick to raid passes. As for gyms…my teammates can’t get there in time, cheats still joysticking and placing non slashed mons. That is still the biggest issue and raids should have a wider vicinity to notify trainers that they are happening. There can be one 5 minutes away and you’d have no idea. Just roll with it for now, it can only get better. :v:t2:


I agree bout larger notification area. I’m fortunate we have an active local group of players and a local chat that keeps us informed.


There really needs to be an incentive to clear gyms. One gym near me is coming up to five days for the longest defending mon. They are all on empty motivation except one. I just didn’t see the point of sending coins to rival teams, then being kicked out quickly, as they all returned. What is the point in helping other teams, when as soon as they see a gym with only one mon in it, they take it over. I just wait till I see a vacant space in a gym now, and add a mon there.