Gyms - New Coin System


Personally, I’m really annoyed at the new coin system for gyms.
You get a coin every 10 mins, but because of the new limit of 50 coins per day, it is useless to have a pokemon in a gym for more than 8hrs 20mins. If you put a pokemon in a rarely battled gym and it stays there for a week or so, 6 and a half days of this are completely useless to you and you are forced to wait for it to return. Isn’t there a better way this could be done?


I can understand your annoyance.
Probablly,it is solved with 2 ways.
1 is , you are helped by your other color friend.
2 is , you use an illegal method.

I am also dissatisfied with this update:rage:
I think the 50 coin limit is very very very small a day!!!
Niantic must restore at least the 100 coin limit.

I am sorry for poor ENGLISH.
I am studying about it.


I’m happy about the rate, but they could adjust the limit up a bit. Personally I like the direction, because it eliminated a lot of advantages that rewarded spoofers for ruining the game for everyone else. Also because it makes gyms move faster in general. But yeah, they could go back to 100 as daily limit.

I feel like it rebalances things a lot. It’s not effortless anymore for high level players to earn their coins every day, but it had become viable for a lot more people (also lower level players) to earn coins at all.

I’ve got a Pokémon in a gym that doesn’t move much as well and I keep rooting for the blue guys (who are taking over everything around here except for that one gym) to finally take it because I want my coins. :joy:


@SkyBato I completely agree with what you are saying here.
The update was supposed to make it harder for spoofers, but it has ended up affecting a lot of other people too. The main problem is the update works very well with gyms in busy places, but in probably 20-30% of gyms that aren’t as used, it actually ends up having a negative effect.


Yeah, this new system works very well for large cities where a lot of people still play, but this system is virtually useless in rural areas.They just need to find a good balance of encouraging turnover, but also rewarding you more for holding several gyms for a while.


For example: why not giving 50 Coins max every day, but if you stay 2 days give the double (or a little bit lesser), maybe 90, three days 120, four days 140…
So you come to the moment, or the attackers have won or your motivation goes to zero, in both cases you get your coins… and you can regain the Gym. Or if you are very isolated, you have a clean Gym to take again for you.


Yeah, I see the issue.
Maybe another possibility would be that once your pokemon hits max coins earned it gets returned automatically. No increased rewards for staying in forever (which I think encourages spoofing), but you don’t have the issue of hugely stagnant gyms in rural areas.


Yeah, I think there are a lot of possible improvements, all better than how it is in this moments.


Hi there.
in my area there are only 3 gyms, like 10 km apart. And all of them taken by spoofers one after the other…
I have to bike-ride or go on a 20 min bus ride to conquer them again, and after a couple of hours the spoofers come back (I know they are spoofers because they also have gyms in a 2 hour car distance and no one drives 4 hours for a couple of gyms).

I can understand that you want a higher coing earning, but think that rural players, with spoofer-attacked-gyms would not have an option if the coins collected in longer periods…


Maybe you have not understand, I don’t want more coins, 50 for a day seems good for me.
The problem is reverse here (as well a rural area), my Pokemon doesn’t come home, nobody attacks. So once you put in there, first you receive nothing, and if, one day, he comes home, I will get 50 Coins…
So, my idea was a decrease for every day more than the first, but 50, 40, 30, 20, 10. I believe this is enough time to throw him out because of 0 motivation.


hi there…
yes I do get your point…

maybe in that case the solution would be to have the option to manually return them to the trainer.


Good idea, so we think both, that there has to be a change.
Maybe it’s only for the beta, and after they will introduce changes.


I think some people are being abit unfair on the new gym system, it’s been less than a week let the game go through a learning phase before it updates the current system which I’m sure it will, everyone waited so long for them to change the old system I think we can wait a little longer for them to refine this one


That’s true, but I don’t know that they will actually change it. Hopefully they will.


Just put the limit back to 100 like it has always been…I don’t understand the issue on niantic’s end


I upheld my Pokemon in a gym for 4 days only to get just 50 coins in return… I didn’t know there was no build up system, if 10 hours is enough you might as well just let the motivation meter run out.

This means that the whole feeding berries system feels basically useless to me as well now since there’s no reward for long term upkeep. There’s the badge but we don’t get anything from that, we all prefer coins.


Hi @leyhasha, as far as I know even when the motivation has run out, it still doesn’t return until defeated in its next battle. I think rival teams are gonna have to start helping each other out, grudgingly maybe, but hopefully, they will at least leave Pokémon in a few hours so they can earn some coins. I must admit to feeling smug seeing rivals trapped there for days, but I have an Arcanine trapped for two and a half days now, and I actually want someone to take it down. The 50 coins a day rule is not so good though, because what if you are in three gyms, and they all get knocked out on the same day? You still only get 50 coins, for all the effort, revives, and potions you use. I have a few gyms near me where the Pokémon have been there over a day, yet the motivation is full. Obviously there are still a lot of people who don’t realise it’s only 50 coins reward no matter how long you sit there, and are feeding berries, or they do know, but other members of their team are feeding them thinking they are helping out.


They should make it 25 per Pokémon per day up to 6 (full team), and make the coins automatically transfer to you when you give your Pokémon a berry. That would be motivation to give berries, and give a small befit to players.


Hi @Thorend, that’s a great idea, and would work well. Hopefully, it will filter through to Niantic, and they will agree with you. :slight_smile:️.
As an afterthought, what do you think about this? I would guess most people like an instant reward for their efforts, so, if they got 10 coins for taking over a gym when they put their Pokémon in, but the daily cap was still 50 coins, (although it would of course be better if it was 100 again, or lower the cost of a raid pass to 50 coins), no matter if you were there for one hour, or one week, it would encourage gym battling, as you would want to get at least 5 gyms. That would stop the resentment of taking down a gym on your own, to be potentially taken out minutes later, and the only ones gaining anything, are rival teams who have their Pokémon back. There is a stagnation at the moment, at least in my area. This could change that I think.


This is a great idea! As it stands now, the only reason to feed a pokemon is if a raid is about to take place at a gym your team controls.