Guide - Alola Raichu Raid Boss Guide



Got it​:smile::smiley:


Cant find an aloan marowak topic but I just want to say that it’s annoying when you think you can beat a aloan marowak and you realize that the other trainers are only using blissey.


103 clicks to!


151 now


This raid is not commonly seen


For me,It is.


Now it becomes less rare for me


It is still in raids.


Yes, alolan raichu is but not tangela




@Kingstony you have this???




Wow, even a weather boodted one! :money_mouth_face::heart_eyes:


Yea, but all crap IV, its tricky but also somewhat easy with optimised team of same counters as mewtwo and I did quite an investment in my M2 raid team


You soloed it???


Raichu, yes, m2 obviously not :joy: I have ever done only 2 T3 raids with other players, both machamps, 1 was in summer 2017 when there wasnt too much info on raidind and 1 to help fellow trainer


I soloed a weather boosted aereodactyl as my first solo :muscle:!


I had fun with aerodactyl, was aiming for shiny, done about 20-25 raids, funny enough I got shiny as a quest reward :rofl:


Was this your first solo?