Guide - Alola Raichu Raid Boss Guide


My first I think was zam as t3, needless to say I failed, done 5-7 before I succeeded, first completed was machamp and I prefer solo since, much better rewards, no need to hang around waiting for others and it shows you how good are your teams and knowledge about moves amd typing too






I saw that raid, but My ttars dont have the right moveset.

And I do not have the other counters, besides houndoom.

I will try with Honchkrow.


Well zam is basically soloable M2 without hyper beam :wink:


Me too


And Rhyperior.


And Mismagius.


I wouldnt really suggest Mismagius tbh



Honchkrow ans Rhyperior are both pretty good so want to use them


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