GO Hub Articles - Clamperl Limited Research Day Announced in Pokemon GO!


February RD - Clamperl

Good news: we finally get Clamperl, which is a big hole in my Hoenn Dex.
Bad news: evolves randomly, which means this could depend on trades in the end.


Clamperl is finally coming to Pokémon GO. Even, this weekend!


I heard some rumors that Wailmer and Krabby will have a higher shiny rate.



Waaaaaaaa!!! Another missed event


Hook up with someone for trades!


Sadly it’s just after the Valentines event.


I’m curious to see how it will evolve


No double candy. :disappointed_relieved: It will be hard for me to get enough candies to evolve both forms.


I like the concept of spinning stops to get the tasks, hate the short time frame to do it in and the lack of enough advanced notice to plan things around it.
Not sure I’m going to be able to do this one due to family commitments.
The more things I miss out on and having no ability to Trade to address/fix the issue the less I’m starting to care about the game.


Well, eventwise this seems decent.

  • New release.
  • 2x stardust.
  • extra shinys.

So actually not bad… However
What the actual H*** is up with these dumb short timed announcements ALL THE TIME!!!
4 days??? (3.5 actually but lets be generous)
People have lives Niantic. Even if you dont have to work (wich i personally have to) it takes some planning to cut 3 hours out of the MIDDLE of your saturday/sunday.

WHY do they keep doing this? What is so bad about announcing your events 10 days in advance (preferably more but lets go with that for now) so more people can actually participate.

Either way, ive already messaged a friend that i wanted to reserve a few for trades… Just hope this day doesnt end up like the Feebas Fiasco last time.


No shiny…not too many incentives here


It isn’t mentioned if there will be a shiny Clamperl or not. But rumors are going that Wailmer and Krabby will have a higher shiny rate during the RD hours in your region.


I’m happy that I can finally fill my dex, but also sad bc I’ll be traveling in Alabama/ Georgia so I’ll probably only end up with 1 or 2 clampearl


Let’s see how time consuming those quests would be within 3-hour window


I need one more whale and 2 krabby…so if clamperl isnt gonna be shiny, im gonna get a few and grind out the checks


Apparently someone at Niantic tweeted that Clamperl will spawn normally after the event is over, which is definitely nice. Basically, the pressure is only to get enough candy to evolve a solid number of them to hopefully get both evolutions.


Imagine if they were:

  1. Make 5 Excellent Throws in Row
  2. Catch 1 Unown
  3. Walk Mewtwo for one Candy



Do not even speak those into existance.