GO Hub Articles - Clamperl Limited Research Day Announced in Pokemon GO!


Make 5 Excellent Throws in Row on Unown
Catch 1 Unown
Walk Unown for one Candy



Yay. Ill be doing that in Disneyland Paris. High concentration of pokestops. Lets do this

[edit] not “concentratiekamp” but “concentration”. Dutch autocorrect…


I guess the only way I’ll get one (or 2 to fill the dex) is by trading. They can’t do events like this in such a short window. Should have been the same way as the Spiritomb Quest.

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Hm… You can’t say they wouldn’t listen at all. But only selectively as it seems…

(+) They removed the ‘shiny behind quest encounter’ lock. OK. Instead they are releasing a new Pokémon with 2 evolutions. That makes three new dex entries. So if you are lucky, doing 3 tasks might eventually be sufficient (not considering the lack of candy though or rural players).

(+) They added additional incentives: double stardust on the (also additional) event spawns, which - coincidence? I think not - are Pokémon that have their shinies already released.

(-) We don’t know the tasks yet.They have changed a lot about this event, so they might have listened about this, too. But only time will tell. But with Wailmer spawning we at least have a Pokémon that makes getting nice/great/excellent throws rather easy.

(-) They announced a 3 hour event that will take place on Saturday on Tuesday, which make only 4 days of advance notice - even LESS than for Feebas day. I’m lucky, I can fit this into my schedule easily this time… but let’s be honest, not everyone will be this lucky…

It sounds better than Feebas day, and I will play as good as I can, but it’s not the big thing.

Need both of the. So that’s nice

Guess what, I got the Valentine announcement on the 15th… :man_facepalming:

So it could be worse…

I’ve one question. Any idea on the evolution mechanics of clampearl?

Hyped. I will use every second of those three hours. :smiley:

@MrHeineken88: It appears that the evolution is random.

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That’s a pain in the ass. Randomness is not the choice I would like. Since clampearl evolves with items in the games as far as I know.

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Yeah, I’m just going to catch as many as I can and evolve the best IVs afterwards … and hope for the best. lol

  1. Make 5 excellents in a row on mewtwo
  2. Hatch 3 shinies
  3. Transfer your whole pokedex
  1. I’ve been working on 5 Great curves in a row for 2 months.
  2. I haven’t hatched a Shiny in months.
  3. Might as well start over.

Try Slowpoke for great curveball throws. They are pretty easy to hit.

I’ve already broken up a great many throws in a row on Slowpoke. The problem is, I’m just retarded.


Can you give it to someone else to do the task for you?

Me, didn’t even try to bother on any of that “Curveball Throws in a Row”… it is auto deleted

Unless perhaps the prize is a Mew2 or another Legendary or Mythical pokemons that I don’t still have… :grin:

Throwing an “Excellenct Curveball” in Quest is already enough hassle for me :smile: Unless perhaps my pokeballs is in “auto-refill” mode :joy:

Patience and nanab berries are your friends.


Missed the curve ball so many times. Today I have been on 4 in a row for 5 times then messed up the fifth. I really hope that the research isn’t so time consuming.

Tasks like catch 5 water Pokemon or spin 5 stops are doable.


If it is just curves in a row, use nanabs…they disable a pokemon’s dodge in the catch screen…if you need typed throws, still use nanabs, but take your time…im sure everyone can aggree that when we break our streak, we are usually being impatient

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I’ll get it one of these days on a Legendary.