Generation III - Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



So, this is thread where you can post your first gen 3 pokemon, as soon as it come out, so basically, you can sign to that post and be on frequent patrol if new Pokemon’s got added. When new pokemon is added, make screenshot as fast as possible and post it there. Good luck!

Generation III - Gen 3 Pokemon catches

Guys, Look what happening:


Yep - new Legendary raid medals and other assets in the game masterfile also. No GenIII yet though…


Guys, 3 hours left for initial gen 3 release! Prepare screen recorders or screen shotters! Rember, post your first gen 3 pokemon here as fast as possible!


I have 3 in the radar, but I can’t go to the street…



Caught my Duskull 2mins back …

Can’t go out either, will catch the rest in the morning with an lucky egg, on my 7th day streak too. Hmm double candy event on too I suppose. Half distance for buddy but not the hatching eggs.


I can confirm Shiny Sableye, one of the trainers in my city just caught one



Can confirm I just got shiny sableye too


You can also show them over here if you like:




Got each of the new Pokemon already. I ran out balls and berries pretty quickly.



I caught/evolved all 5 or 6 if include Pikachu with Witchypoo Hat in 20min after Luring up a spot close to home this morning. The next 2 sets were trying to improve on IV.

Tonight it will be hunting Pickachu and Sableye for a couple of hours hoping to find a Shiny :grinning:


Registered 2 so far


So now let’s wait until full gen 3 comes out, be aware!


Isn’t said the rest will come in december?


Yea, so now this topic is hibernating, let’s wait for full gen 3 now…


The only posibility is, that Niantic give it a try to make a “real” surprise…