Finding Cubone


Just when you need it, then it is now nowhere to find!

It was raining Cubone weeks ago :joy:


I need cubone too


I need a Cubone too, but I’m told raiding an Alolan Marowak also counts towards the Meltan quest (I suppose you need a Cubone for the Meltan Research, right?)


Try to search on Silph Road for a Cubone nest around you. If you’re out of luck on this current migration, I also heard raiding Alolan Marowak also counts.


Check around gyms. Had saw one cubone nearby a gym when i was going for my 9 raid. Later that day, the 10 raid was made on the gym where Cubone was nearby… but it was gone.
Now have been checking the park where there are 3 gyms to see if it shows up again. Marowak should work but you need 3 more persons to take it down. :expressionless:


hmm, makes sense. Might check that out tomorrow if i have the time. Thanks.


Good to know on the Marowak. I still need to do 2 more raids just to get to that step.


I caught Cubone almost daily during Non event days


Yes that is right!


I’ve still got Cubone every where atm.


Where are you located? Maybe there’s a lot of thrown bones there :grin:


I live in the driest Sate on the driest Continent. The whole North where I live is a Desert Biom so Rock, Ground and Fire types are every where. We are currently starting the summer season so atm so warm/hot sunny/cloudy days are the norm. Very common while there is no themed events are: Numel, Slugma, Ekans, Geodude, Torchic, Pontta, Cubone, Chimchar. Sandshrew, Rhyhorn. Easy to stumble across are: Exeggcute, Oddish, Bullbasaur, Eevee, Kangaskhan, Pidgey, Rattata and oddly Weedle, Caterpie atm. I’ve seen way more of these now the Bug event has finished than during the bug event.


I haven’t seen a Cubone since the event ended. Once I finally complete my 10 raids, I’ll probably have to try to raid an Alolan Marowak raid to get the Cubone requirement.


Just completed 10th raid so now I am officially stuck on this requirement.


Me too! for 4days right now. Have tried using remaining incense but not in luck.


Even if we complete this, where are we going to find Anaroths, Lilleeps, Kabutos, or Omanytes now for next step. We might have to wait for Adventure Week in the Spring to finish this quest.


They spawn everywhere around me, so for me that won’t be a problem. But Cubone… :persevere: I have already been stuck on this task for a week…


You’ll hate me for it, but I see and catch all of those every day still atm.


I don’t hate others for their good fortune. I just know those fossil types don’t spawn here unless there is an event.


Omanyte, Kabuto are hatchable from I think 10K eggs, but maybe 5K, and Lileep and Anorith are both hatchable from 5K eggs, so that will count for part 8. (They are somewhat uncommon to hatch tho)