Finding Cubone


Hatches don’t count as catches.


Since event ended, I only saw one Anorith, no others.


I’m content to just wait for Adventure Week to finish this quest. I keep getting Meltans from Switch each week anyway. About to do Round #4.


I’ll deal with not finding Cubone when I reach that point. Heck, I’m still looking for that 5th exeggcute.

At this rate it’ll take me until summer to finish the Meltan quest. Thank God for the guy with a switch at my last EX raid, whose help landed me 19 Meltans. Hoping to run into him again at tomorrow’s EX raid and maybe snag another 19 of the little critters.

Later: Got the exeggcute this evening on the way between an EX raid and a Shinx raid. Now I’m looking for Cubone. I bet I’ll see an Alolan Marowak raid before I find a wild Cubone.


I already got my Melmetal from the Switch, so I’ll finish this quest whenever. I want the Cubone for those raid passes.


Got passed the Cubone part of the quest… now I’m stucked at 2 Omanyte or Kabuto and the Aerodactyl part.

I should have saved my previous quest :sweat:

Anyone experience having someone on the same spot like you seen a pokemon that you need in your quest but you can’t see it?


I still have Aerodyctal saved, but not going to do me any good with other two fossil quests. I’ve just resigned to wait until Adventure Week this Spring to finish quest.


I had an Aerodactyl saved up, but I found an Aerodactyl like 15 minutes after I finally found my Cubone or so.


Yeah as soon as I catch a Cubone, I’ll claim my Aerodyctal. But it’s the Lileep and other fossil Pokémon that will be impossible to find for me until Adventure Week.


I found one Lileep and one Anorith even before I found a wild Aerodactyl. Found an Omanyte yesterday but I completely forgot about the Special Research, so I didn’t catch it. Right now I see a Kabuto on the Nearby list.


Just ran into Cubone in the park whilst walking the Meltan box. Still had an Aerodactyl saved so thats also done… Now to wait probably until adventure week or something for those other 4 :sweat_smile:


I think I’m going to have to do Marowak raid for Cubone…


Note, that Anorith and Lileep hatch out of 5KM eggs, even though the chances seem lower then other 5KM egg hatches, go to a nearby beach too, you might find a Omanyte, Kabuto, and Lileep, idk where Anorith’s would spawn more frequently.


Egg hatches don’t count




Caught 4 today in an hour just walking around the local shopping Center.


1 emoij is enough…


Trades do not count on quests either


I finally caught a wild Cubone to complete that stage of the quest. Then I cashed in my Aerodactyl that I had been saving for a month. Now I just got to catch the final four fossil types to complete the quest.


Good for you… I still got to catch an omanyte or kabuto, then an aerodactyl to complete.