Ex raid's are junk


Just did an EX raid today at a spot I hit up everyday… I was using my son’s account which is only level 27, I didn’t get an invite even though me and him did the same Wailmer raid. I get there early and am waiting around to see if anyone shows up and only 4 people showed up ranging from level 27-30… needless to say that we didn’t have enough people… When is Niantic going to fix this issue and do it on weekends when people have more available time or make sure enough people are invited


The ex-raid systeem should be gone anyways.
But i don’t think it would be great idea to move them to just weekends. Atleast for me I can’t currently raid on any other day than monday - friday as i’m a rural player without a car. I think it would be better atleast to fix the times.


You can see how many people joined on the screen when you are in the battle. You can have up to 45 minutes until it is ended.
And how is it going? So you cannot beat the Raid Boss?


We all were standing around and it was only 5 total and when we jumped in i could see everyones level… My son was level 27 and the others were 28,29,30,30… I maxed out all his pokemon I could and we still didn’t have enough people/time. I posted to all the facebook groups I could and all of the discord groups, no one responded to anything saying they were coming or even had a pass for that raid

We failed at to even get his a sliver away from beating him… We did pretty good and got him down to around 1/4 life left but still didn’t have enough. I am upset that they give these raid passes in the afternoon on a weekday when they should think " Maybe some of these people are kids going to school or have a job that this won’t allow them to call in sick or just not show up to their job just so they can catch a pokemon".

I probably sound like a whiner but when you take the time out of your day and bust your butt to get a pass and then finally get one to show up and no one is there… how is that fair? Chances are that it will be a while before my son gets another EX-raid pass…


I work Monday-Friday 2nd shift so mornings work well for me but not for other so the only other option that works even better is weekends for me when alot of people are off. I get that most people can’t get out on weekends, work or have no means of transportation… But I agree EX-raid should be tossed in the trash and just give everyone a week to catch him in a normal 5-tier raid


Well, your son actually got a pass, so he’s a step closer than I ever was

But I agree, ex raid system is trash