Events - One Piece Straw Hat Pikachu is here


One Piece Straw Hat Pikachu will be Officially spawning WORLDWIDE on July 22nd (13:00 Japan time) Until July 29th


Again that stupid mouse.:man_facepalming:t3:


Worthless event again. Glad it is when I’m on holiday to somewhere very rural.


Don’t insult Picachu. Detective Pikachu will track you down. :rofl::joy::rofl:


I’m waiting.:joy::joy::joy:


Not Another ******* Hat for those playing at home.


I think this time it says “spawn” not “photobomb”… That’s even worse though… We’ll be flooded with hard to transfer hatted Pikachu…


I actually like it, but I’m a PikaHoarder.
There is no such thing as having to many Pikachu.


The choice for the hat is interesting. The Shiny hunters will go crazy for it.


@Jormdeworm are you?


If they wanted this to be special, they’d have the straw hat pikachu rare, instead of ubiquitous. Have extra spawns of the species, but only shiny rate for the hat. That way funny hat fatigue could be avoided, since people wouldn’t end up having to transfer a hundred superfluous Pikachus … one … at … a … time.




Not really, I have enough Shiny Pikachu already. And I’ll be on holiday to somewhere I expect to be rural during the Pikachu time period.


I mean if you don’t want to transfer the hard to transfer hat pikas, you don’t have to catch them in the first place, solving your transferring issue


I catch 'em for the candy and dust. I just wish the process of pruning wasn’t forced to be so doggone tedious.


That’s why it pays to memorize your best one and appraise and transfer straight away.
Yes mass checking and trashing the hats is very tedious.


I never said I don’t like Pikachu.I hoard them, too, even if it’s just because of the numerous hats… Same with Pichu and Raichu, I keep at least three of every hat Pikachu and Pichu and 1 or 2 for Raichu… More for versions that probably won’t come back (that black hat that I never really understood, or the detective hat), not to mention the shinies…
If you are a collector you have a hard time keeping your collection under control with these… I have counted them yesterday and I was at about 80 for the three species… That’s way too many… And my collector’s heart is bleeding when I think of transferring them…:broken_heart:

I think no one would complain about them if we were able to mass transfer them somehow.


Damnit Niantic… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


I love being able to leave latest hat Pikachu in gyms all over town


It started on 1pm local time. :thinking:

Usually it is 1pm pdt right?