Events - One Piece Straw Hat Pikachu is here


Process analysis shows that while that approach might seem to pay off, it actually wastes a little more time overall. (To begin with, you’re still transferring them one at a time.)


The missus just sent me this pic from London…


Then when you are going to a place with alot of Pokémon,the only thing you are is Pikachu…


They rarely spawn here. Fortunately. They are just useless and can not even even too.


Can’t evolve but shiny version is out there


Sucks can’t evolve him


There’s no logical reason for not allowing it to be evolved. Does this mean there is no Pichu with the hat also?


That’s what I think


Yep. There is no Pichu with the hat either. Very strange decision of Niantic in my opinion.


It’s a crossover with a Japanese manga called One Piece. The agreement was probably just Pikachu which meant Raichu and Pichu were not listed and cannot appear in the character’s signature hat.


And done with this hat again.


The one piece anime sucks the story is good but the animation sucks so bad


Well, it did come out before Gen 1…


Don’t matter even the new movies animation sucks


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