Events - GO Fest 2019 - request for details


Anyone knows where the next 2019 go fest will be held? In usa. State an city please.

Also where does safari zone be held at in usa? State and city.

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This is off-Topic.


Aye lad. But its a need to know so ill buy the right train ticket to the place meet lots of ppl. Capture pokemon an raids two week then move back to florida.


Oh okay.:smiley:


No, @Lucario, you have all the rights to open a new topic in for example Lavender Town or General Discusion.

But there’s no reason to discuss it here out of topic.


Look this conversation lol😂


We don’t know yet, but if Niantic wants to appear fair and non USA centric, then they’ll probably go elsewhere


Whatever you guys are squabbling about, i think we can make this short:

No, we dont cause Niantic has made no announcements about it yet.


St. Louis is the exact center of the U.S. Why not put it there?


Because the US had it twice already


Where are you? I’ve never been in a event or anything and I’m in USA. Lots of people say that is our safari zone but many people do not have the money to fly there. Europe kind of had a safari zone after Dortmund Safari Zone where there was corsola and Roselle. @Lucario it will most likely still be held in Chicago.


It will probably be announced in March.


We had an event in Philly but there was literally nothing there


And that was a spit in the face of everybody who actually went there


No, I’m just saying I can’t afford it.


I vote for Kijkduin, the self proclaimed pokemoncapital of the Netherlands. :netherlands:
(And it is close enough to go there on a bike :grin:)


Since when is the Netherlands in the USA🤔


Question. Where will the next go fest be in :us:? If so, what state and city. So i can by train ticket next year hall butt there. Get out of florida for awhile. Two week vacation.

Also, is there a safari zone here in :us:? If so, where as in what state an city?


It will probably be in Chicago again


It should be held here, because the USA is kind of far away from here…