Drop your current defenders


Had to go to war tonight. Bunch of upset yellow trainers trying to gold raz me.


i like your melmetal army


I evolved 2 new ones yesterday to prepare for Lapras Day and keep Town blue


how many rare candy you used?


No rare candy. I have to make @Jaxxon8 do Mystery Box on Switch for Meltan candy. Still got over 1200


Strangely I met no resistance tonight. Guess they learned thier lesson when you mess with Mystic in my town.






None of the monsters from 12 hours ago lasted the night and most are now defending again.









I’ve changed tact slightly with my defenders being left.
All the Monsters with big CP degrade so quick that after 3-4hrs they are almost 1 battle and out so they are very easy for someone to knock the Gym down with very little effort.
I now prefer to leave 1400-1500cp Monsters in as after the same amount of time they have not degraded much and the person battling is going to have to do 3 rounds instead of an easy 1 and gone. This gives me more chance to berry it if I really want to hold it for Golding.
Nothing is time consuming to beat since Blissey / Chancey / Snorlax were nerffed even if you half understand effective counters so Big CP is all but redundant apart from maybe deterring someone battling within the first 30min of occupation.
I know it doesn’t deter me and I lick my lips a the few extra points it will give me but I know plenty that do move on for softer tartgets.


Haven’t posted one in awhile…