Drop your current defenders


Kicked people out of gyms who were in there for 240+ days. They’re now 24-72 hours in the gyms lol


After tonight’s battles…


Working north end of town where I have no gold gym badges…


Turf wars :grinning:


Today I got knocked out of 3 gyms before I even completed my route. Guess they are bitter that I finally ventured up there.


Current this afternoon


This morning…


I get that from time to time.
I dig in when that happens and go back again to show that 2 can play that game.


Only 3 out of my current 19 am I working towards gold. Sometimes you have to thin the herd.


Only 2 this morning I’m working towards gold. The plan is to take a bunch tonight after seeing Detective Pikachu because my son will be motivated to play.


Got some team coordination going this morning, so I went after 7 I’m not Gold at yet, and got confirmation back that I’ll be reinforced…


Went after the remaining gyms tonight that I’m not Gold at yet.


couldnt sleep so i took the neighbourhood. Every where is Red! and i may do this all week!! my Garchomp cleaning up!


I’m only currently in 2 gyms I’m not Gold yet. But that is about to change.




I like your ‘MysticKilla’.


earned its name