Dreaming of a way to improve IVs


My wish for Pokemon GO.

Add the ability to “train” pokemon some way to increase IV stats. Make it hard to do but this would be so nice!!!

Maybe fight in 50 battles for one IV point or something.

What are your thoughts?


I really want an IV boost.

My TTar needs to get better.

And training needs to be readed, so this would be a good way to bring it back :+1:.


Even though that is a good idea niantic doesn’t get to things like that for like a year. Email them and see if they respond though.


@clreeder welcome back :+1:.


Battle Pokémon for Attack, Walk as your buddy for Stamina, Raid for Defense.

I would look at a sliding scale, something along the lines of 10 battles for 0 IV, 15 for 2 etc. Same for walking and raids. This would mean you would really invest in your Pokémon to make them good.

The reason I suggest raids instead of hours of defense is to accommodate legendaries.


@Thorend has a good point about increasing a Pokémon attack IV by winning battle, the higher the attack IV. the higher number of wins need to boost attack IV by even 1 single point. It gives trainers more reasons to battle even under the current tab-and-swipe system.


Maybe if a pokemon has a 100 battles won, its attack gets increased by one, 200 battles, 2, and up to 500 for 5.


Yeah, it maybe only requires 10 wins to increase a pokemon attack IV from 0 to 1, but it will requires a much larger number of wins to increase from 13 to 14.


Exactly, I think the increases should work like XP, the higher the IV number the more work it takes.


As Thorend mentioned it should be stepped with the hardest/longest to obtain an increase from 14 to 15 to get it to the Max.
Raiding for Attack increase
Gym Battles for Stamina
Bring Back Training for Defense with Training Battles not counting for your Battle stats.


Any idea on how to make this as a feature request to Niantic?


That’s a very neat idea, because it won’t totally take away the charm of hunting that wild 100% IV Pokémon, but if you have one with weaker IV it can still be boosted if you like.