Dreaming of a way to improve IVs


Sorry for the confusion.

Key to “cash in points to improve moves” was the word ‘improve’ – as in TM, not like buying additional moves.


Also meant to be cheaper to have the game ‘randomly’ pick the new move and more costly to let the trainer choose the new move – to preserve the cost-risk-value element in the game.


Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


This is the first I’ve heard of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Thanks for the clarification.


It would be rad to get Gold Bottle Caps in the game. I know some Pokemon that I fully intend to level up that would use them should that happen.


I know that when they got rid of the prestige system, they had no training (until now)
But I thought the could add to train against random Pokémon and after a number of trains, it would become the next up appraisal level, so Mystic people: like from
Not likely-10 trains-above average
Above average- 15 trains- caught attention
Caught attention-20 trains- Wonder!
Wonder =81-100 IVs. To get 100 IV from a Wonder, it would be :100: trains


Even then, there could be more trains for that


No, simply because pvp isn’t available to everyone


Agreed, Training would be the best way but they do need to make it a long Grinding Process to get there.
I’d even go as far as making it Training for IV stat points and a Dust Cost to activate it.
After all the Games slogan is “Gotta Catch Em All”


It seems it is much easier just to add more dresses and costumes in PoGo for Niantic…

I Love this idea too but I expect this would be too long if ever it got implemented…

BUT I would love for me to be totally wrong about this :grin:


This could also work like this:
Walk mon as buddy for 100 kms for +1 hp/atk/def stat increase (get to choose, max 15)
Previous buddys would benefit if walked long enough


The math really doesnt add up
You dont have 100IVs, you have 100%
Total IVs are 45
So at max you could have 9 trains to 100%