Do you have feelings for a random Pokemon?


Do you have good or bad feelings for a random Pokemon or its line for reasons you don’t know? Post it here, some of mine are the Oddish line and the Bellsprout line.


What you mean


Yeah, Weedle and Koffing. Don’t know why, but I think they’re boring


I don’t like mr. Mime or jinx thay look weird


I find nothing to like about Nosepass. It’s not cute or cool, it’s not useful in battle, and it doesn’t evolve into anything that’s cute, cool, or useful in battle. And it seems to have a relatively low capture rate about half the time.

Its only possible value to me is the 100 stardust for catching it.


I hate vulpix.
It’s like all that spawns and has a bad captjre rate.
But I do like magikarp.


I don’t like Aipom because it always breaks out. And because of the big smile on his face when he breaks out.


I don’t like ditto just because you start to get mad when Ratatat tat or Pidgey breaks out of three balls in a row


Always when I’m searching for a Ditto it just doesn’t appear, and when I need a Pidgey the first Pidgey I see is a Ditto. :confounded:


I understand that I drove around for 8 hours straight one time hunting for a ditto


I dislike Aipom, I just don’t like the design.

I cannot stand Lickitung or Lickylicky.


Anyone else here hate bidoof?




Lickitung & Lickylicky, the names…


And I don’t care for Charizard at all he is too overhyped terrible Pokemon


As far as the first 4 gens go, I also strongly dislike:

Alolan Dugtrio
Alolan Persian


Too many cats but otherwise I agree


Agree with Oddish line, but also Eevee & Azuril lines.


It’s funny because I actually dig Skitty’s design. Delcatty just … ugh.

I also like Persian, but Alolan Persian is so awful.


And now that I think about it I don’t care for Pikachu either I don’t see how in the show he can be a beast but in the games mediocre at best