Do you have feelings for a random Pokemon?


Eevee and Flareon are both my second favorite pokemon…


I only like Flareon to be honest.


I’m not sure if many will agree with me on this but I really dislike Pikachu


Zubat and Voltbeat. Hate trying to catch them.


I completely agree.


I don’t hate Pikachu, but he’s definitely middle of the pack for me. I do like Raichu quite a bit though. That’s a Pokemon who needs more love. lol


Sudowoodo? How Dare you.


Well… I like Gardevoir…
No further questions


I dislike Regionals as only a small select few that travel can catch them and it encourages GPS cheats.
I wouldn’t dislike them if they rotated zones with the change of seasons (4 times a years) so everyone gets a chance over a period of time.


I would love a rotation, or if you can get them in eggs from someone in that region.


Your assuming everyone can be Gifted Eggs.
There’s a section of the playing Community that can’t have Friends and everything else that’s linked to that so that is not a good idea.


And for care for most of the New gens