Discuss your profile picture


Mystic = Misfit


Instinct doesnt use common sense lol. Just their instinct




Ok lets move back on topic,
Mine is the drawing of a friend of mine of the legendary pikabirds. Story is given here: Discuss your profile picture


I may or may not change it to something that is more relevant in my life in the future


Mine is Yanma and Yanmega right now. Might change it back to the original Zapdos or to Porygon/Houndour/Sandshrew/Growlithe/Shinx in the future.



That is perfect picture


Me sitting in a tree, but my face isnt clear on the picture so people cant use face recognition to find me


Y is some one looking for you ???


Dont know if someone is looking for me lol

Wouldnt even know why someone would


Lol just jokeing cuz you said the face thing


From left to right, me, my best friend known by some as ‘that one girl’ I once spoke of
and then someone else I don’t recognise right away. Sitting in front of a campfire in the dark


It’s just as I am… I read a lot (when I was 8 years old, I lent every week 5 books all weeks), and I never stopped to do so.
Now I’m 61 years old, and still have a lot of fun playing games.
In Spain the word “emoji” or “emoticon” has been the word of 2019, so I’m quite on top of the wave with my image.


Yup. Me and Cup call you emoji dude.


I changed mine from my usual rotation of Decidueye avatars to Beheeyem. I chose it because it;s one of my favorite Pokemon, but gets so little love. lol


I can’t change my profile picture. I get this in my face everyday.


Changed mine to Rockruff for now. I am in the tail end of a Ultra Sun playthrough and chose Rockruff as my “starter”/main. :smiley:


All I recall of those was that they were eye-catching; but I forgot what they looked like, and the avatar attached to this comment now shows your current one, not the one that was current when you posted the comment. You did post one a year ago, and that was pretty cool.

Would you mind inserting a few of the old ones into the text of a comment here? That won’t just change again the next time you pick a new avatar…



My profile pics for a little over a year:



My profile pic for the last few months (before Rockruff):