Discuss your profile picture


Discuss your profile picture
Mine is a shuffle Mega Mewtwo Y


Where are my shuffle boys at @Pokemon @KingQ07 @Mapman42 @Kevin_v_Hoften


Now it’s Pokémon shuffle Flareon (Its my 2nd favorite Pokémon)


It is a drawing of someone at my previous school. She is really good at drawing. One day she has sent me this picture of an Articuno, moltres and zapdos, all three fused with a pikachu


Mine is lapras (it’s my 3rd favourite Pokémon)


Wow shes good at drawing


Yep. Also a little bit of sad that i have lost contact with her. But the class where she was in as Well sucked. At least my class last year was great.


I am a shuffle Lapras hello @KingQ07


@Lingyujie likes Slaking the most :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging::star_struck:


I’m not in the shuffle club :wink:, I don’t like changing profile pictures too often.
Obviously, mine is my in-game avatar. I had that “nice view” of the avatar when the game crashed and I had to restart it (couldn’t get into the game only this view, so I had to delete the game data)


Goku mastered Ultra instinct


Mine is a lapras


So is mine! :heart_eyes:


It’s rayquaza, shiny rayquaza at that because he’s my favourite pokémon


Team Instinct :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: VFL :rofl: (Valor for life)


Mine is a very vicious looking cat enough said


Stormtroopers, because Star Wars is awesome


I want those in Gen 8


My dog