Discuss your profile picture


I convinced you :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Yah I like slaking the most


Who do you think has the best profile pic


Me :smiling_imp:
Mega Mewtwo Y


Pikachu is cute


That’s true


So that’s what that is on your picture I was wondering


My favoritse are a tie between @vorgriff3 , @KingQ07, @Kevin_v_Hoften, and @Cup, but I like everyones profile photo.


My dog is best profile picture because he is awesome.


I convinced you


I didn’t even know how to change my profile picture until a few months ago and immediately changed it out with my dog’s picture when you guys told me how to. I even used same picture for Discord. People I raid with all know my dogs too because they come with me.


I like how your dogs raid with you, what is their cp?


They don’t have very high CP. kids and dogs both raid with me because I don’t trust them to stay at home and not mess stuff up. My son is on exact same Celebi quest as me about hatching 9 eggs. I’ve only got 2 to go and he has like 7.


So you guys do lots of raids a day?


Lets stay on topic :sweat_smile::wink:


Gary Oak…
trainer with raw talent and an attitude


Well, smell ya later


ashy boyyy!!!:joy:


My dog is still my profile pic. That won’t change because it is same pic on Discord, so if people know me on here, they can find me there.


That’s pretty smart what’s Discord