Discuss your profile picture


Trying to decide whether to ‘LOL’ or ‘SMH’ …

If you are in the habit of changing your profile picture, I wish you would post the picture you are referring to with your comment about it – because most of the comments from more than a month ago discuss pictures that are not the same any more, and while the comments remain, the pictures attached to the profiles of their poster have changed (sometimes multiple times), meaning the comments no longer reflect the pictures with them.

(This shows the tradeoff of having the profile picture for each comment be a link to the current profile picture. It conserves storage space by saving only a link instead of an image, but it is prone to things falling out of sync.)


Okay then I’ll discuss my picture with y’all I like this character because he is a raging alcoholic / Hunter and fisherman and takes nothing from noonw that lives in the Backwoods he is awesome


Mine is always some form of Decidueye. I thought about changing it, but now I feel like I’m identified by it. lol


That’s true most of the time when I see your picture I automatically assumed as you and not someone else


Exactly! I feel that if I change it to a different Pokemon, people won’t know who I am right away. I’m the “Decidueye guy”. :wink:

Edit: Oh hey … that rhymes … lol


You’re right that’s how I know you on hear it’s just like when you say the emoji face guy and shiny Lugia guy you know who I’m talking about when I say that


it’s me now.


Who^^ and what it




I’m still waiting for next Team Rocket Day.


It wont happen


It will happen. We just have to decide when and who is participating. I want more people this time.


In Dutch we call them team ‘it stinkt’


Or you do😛


Wheee. We have:

instinct -> it stinkt
mystic -> mist it (as in voll Mist)

We just need to contrive an excremental-theme name for ‘valor’ and we’re on the Kindergarten playground again.


As i can quote from ‘Harry Potter and the cursed child’:
“For Voldemort and valour”
-Dolores Umbridge

Valor is evil? :stuck_out_tongue: no they arent lol


In my local group we are teasing each other a bit with this kind of jokes, but in the end we all play together and have fun. Mostly on playgrounds indeed, cause that is where the gyms are. :smile:


twenty one pilots