Discuss your profile picture


Papillon. It’s french for butterfly because of their ears look like butterfly wings. He is my son :disappointed:


I completely understand that I had a deer head chihuahua his name was cupcake it was 14 years old when he passed and he is my son I understand


So now it is my cat through the profile picture except for when I use wheezing on Team Rocket days


Mine is red and blue pixel artwork of zapdos


I haven’t seen anyone with profile pictures from here: https://pokewalls.wordpress.com
GOhub uses those pictures


Mine is my shiny Electivire, but I might change it back to the Zapdos again soon.


Mine is now the sky in real life
With a sneasel not in real life jumping up


My magnificent Moltres.


Changed for Legendary day


A cute strong groudon


For BeLegendary week


For now until next team rocket day


Sora from Kingdom Hearts. 3 more weeks till KH 3 is out :grin:


It’s not as easy to see, but it’s the pic below. Yeah, yet another Decidueye picture. In all the years that I’ve loved Pokemon, I’ve had a list of favorites but no clear #1 … until this amazing Pokemon was released. lol


I found an awesome picture of the creation trio and arceus. Also the challenge given to me by @Branebs lol


Now mine is my Shit-Zhu


My profile picture has always been the same, it is sylveon
I might change it to a better picture


Well, it’s Regice as drawn by me.


Like what?


Mine is piplup for starter week
It looks really cute so I will keep it for a while