Discuss your profile picture


You are at saffron


Now mine is a picture of me winning a pvp battle


Are we friends


I turned mine back to my best friend


Mine is the eevee dancing with the Joy Con
from Lets Go Eevee


Mine is me winning pvp and getting the training badge


Mine is … another pic of Decidueye. His shuffle icon this time. lol


Shuffle is awesome.


Decided to finally change profile picture to a new screenshot of my in-game character. I really like these postures the trainers make around the battles.


Wigglytuff of course!


Back at my shiny ho-oh. Could change soon.


back to my roots.

Ultrainstinct GOKU don’t think ill be changing any time soon. Feels more right.


It does fit you


Back to the Legendary pikabirds. Used this when i joined the hub


I like that drawing. Wasn’t it a friend of yours that did it.


It was.




It is a good picture


My love for dbz is beyond measure. I named my dog Goku(RIP) got shenron tatoo’d on my forearm.

So ill probably just stick with this display picture.

Btw heres Goku;


What breed of dog is that my profile picture is my cat Herschel Walker found him as a kitten with a hole in his back leg