Current and highest stardust


Mine 5564


I managed to collect exactly 900k in May / 31 days. I started the month by spending it all and then just saved up for 4,5 weeks, not spending at all with exception of a very few ‘powerup a pokemon’ quests
900k = just under 30k per day earned which is pretty nice. This was however with CD 3 x times catching stardust (got 150k in 3 hours) and the smackdown event where every raid gave 3k dust instead of the normall 500 dust.

So, now i’m at 900k. Tonight when i get home i’ll spend it all :smile:


I powered up a bunch of stuff but I’m still at 1.5 million.


I never spend totbe point im under 100K i dont wanna see that


Well since trading will cost dust and i spent over 200k on tyranitar i’m super broke.

47K atm


Sitting at 2.9 million. Think I might try to push up to 5 million.


Well I think the Trading now to be released lots of trainers will now be hoarding dust… :laughing:



I’m so weak in The stardust field


Hit 3 million today😃


70K today gonna probably use starpieces tmrw


At 1.7 mil right now. I have a ttar that needs to be powered up, but will probably save the rest for trading


I powered up a whole bunch stuff last week so I’m down to 1.2 million.


Update: 2184110 atm, love the Water Festival!


I hit 1500 stardust today …


This is my current level. Spent about 250,000 the other day on a few things, just tryong to work my way up haha


Oof, as someone that still wants to spend arround 7 million that hurts my eyes…




Well I have 60,000. I’m kinda like @KingQ07. We don’t save stardust. I will just get more on Weber day.


Congrats on the shiny articuno and the stardust!


I’m at 1.4 million. But my son doesn’t have enough dust to do a trade with me because he keeps powering all his monsters up.:pensive: So we have to wait 10 more days until we are Ultra Friends before we can trade again.