Current and highest stardust


Had 500k now im back to 150K

That was two charizards powered almost max. What a cost.


Currently at 1823176, was close 1.9 million before my latest powerup.


I’m currently at 559130 but I recently trader some stardust into Pokémon CP/HP because I hit a new level.


Guys, since 18 of april nobody has answered… and because I put the flag to close it you start to post again??? :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Well, theres no problem. If you want that it stay open, post from time to time…


Yes, because we can see the topic again now. I totally forgot about this topic and didn’t scroll down for it but now I can see it in latest so here are my replies again. But not anymore because I already posted my stats now.

Perhaps the same reason for the other posters here?


Well, there’s no problem. If you want that it stay open, post from time to time…


I just copied and pasted from google translate for mine.


Like i said before. Hardly anyone scrolls through the topics. Rather make a duplicate(which is wrong) than find the first topic. If this was Pined more people would post. Is it pin worthy?(provably not, maybe it is)

Also @Mapman42 iphone can’t copy / paste.

For CD i use about 3-5 starpiece for more stardust. It really increases alot especially when its more stardust in CD.


Ok lol


1.5 million




Just 4 million away from you…


4 million? Did you spend any at all ever?


Definitely! Spent a lot on meta counters which I’m sure will become either redundant or irrelevant at some point so I stay on the dust grind!


I’m sitting at 2 mill, going to try to have 3 mill before go fest.


Omg i dont even have Ho-Oh


We’ll make sure you get out & raid for the Shiny Ho-Oh while they’re around!


Maybe it just difficult in his area. Not everyone has access to t5


last night a small group kept hanging at the gym talking after a raid.

After some p!ssing contest with badges, medals etc of course the stardust question rose.
in the group was our number 1 starduster: he now has just over 10 million dust.

We had a blast when he asked another one of us how much xp the other had: guy 1 had more stardust then the other guy had xp!


I have had 440k highest, then I spent it all. I’m at 80k now