Current and highest stardust


I have 320935 Stardust😌


268 lugia candy


Needed bag space so had to pump some rare candy into it! And also used a bit to power up some Latias counters & 100%ers.


Your candy is impressive


I’m pretty sure I only have about 9 Lugia candies.


I have 3🤣


I have 1


I can do that too but I don’t want


i’m level 40 and have about 700000. I had about 1.2 million then did some powering up.


I’m currently at 1.8 million. That’s also my all-time high.


Currently about 580 thousand, that stupid Mewtwo and Tyranitar ate a lot


My highest ever is 100000
My shiny gyarados ate everything


This is my current level of stardust, I like to hoard =]


I guess something: You don’t want Charizard Community Day?


Shiny Charizard is one of my favourites! Good job it’s been confirmed, along with 3x stardust =]


Lol I based it on your Charmander Candy


Haha I know, like I said, I’m a hoarder =]
I think I’ve only ever evolved one charmander fully, there was a fire event a while back where I caught loads and I’ve been lucky to live near a few nests.


Good for you. You can evolve each shiny you catch on Community Day. You will probably have enough dust and candy to power them up too.