Current and highest stardust


Well i named all my blissy “FoH”

and thanks again thought that was just a dash.


Back to my 1.5 million! Happy days!


A little over 850k right now. That’s the most I’ve ever had. I’ve been using a lot for my 100 kyogre and 100 tyranitar. Right now I’m saving for a good mew2 if I can ever get one (3 mew2 raids and my highest is an 80). I have another one next Friday, so hopefully I get a good one


Back to 320K+ thanks to the event


Getting there now…


Almost 400K, not needing to power up bulbas really put me back on track. Back to just saving dust and looking for rare candies.

Currently hovering around 370K


Got to 300k!


I’m closing in on 300k thanks to the event. I’ve actually started saving it for once since there’s not much I need to power up at the moment. I’ve a Mewtwo and a Kyogre I want to max out but need more rare candies for that.


Thinking the exact same.


After getting down from 1Mil to 600K I got it back to almost 900K but dumped a heap to finish Maxing a forgotten 98% Tyranitar stuck on 3000CP.
That took it back to 800K and I’ve added another 60K since.




Soooooo close I can taste it!!!


410K+ dust




currenty at 470k,

started the dust event with just under 30k, so made 440k at least in 7,5 days sofar. Gonna go nuts with catching this easter weekend, hoping to get to 1 million. Gonna be hard though.


I am at 537K+ now

Legit played 5hours straight probably just gonna go straight for mew by adding another hour.




Back to 1.1Mil and only have 3 Pokemon I have a real need to work one atm.
Only thing is they will consume round 350K Dust.
I’ll just throw a bit at a time an keep my 1Mil intact again for a bit.


Still working on a Shiny Aggron so I power up every time a catch an Aron. We are still at 1.1 million stardust.


I ended the event with 1.3 mil. I’m dumping it into a 100 machamp and a 98 machamp…then I hatched a 98 machop on my one of my last hatches

Also close to maxing a 100 kyogre and a few good dragonites

I figure I’ll be around 1 million once I finish that…not sure what else I’ll do with it…would love a decent mewtwo, but my four are all sub 85 :confused: