Current and highest stardust


Lol thats not what i say
I have much stardust but i always spend it
And i earn 2 million dust on my 3-4 month long journey to my final destanation:
Lvl 35


Lol then you quit???


I will still play this game in death


I will never stop playing. Ever.


I hit 1,600 today! Ha


I am planning on not spending any now, except on Metagross, where hatch/buddy is the only way i get candy.
, and legendaries, where i need rare candy


Wont ever stop
35 will be i guess the level for POI
And i dont want to level up anymore after that has no use


Stocking dust. Lil over 150k


Whats the use of stocking dust?


to mass power up. Sometimes i cant even power up anyone cause i am maxed at my lvl, or i dont have candy. Many reasons to stockpile dust.


Then why dont you power up other pokemon you can power up
I just power up everything i can


I dont powerup useless mons. I am picky.


Interesting conversation @KingQ07 and @5GodLink. I will not pick sides here…


You have everything in top 40 maxed?


110k for me


I cant max slaking. And I don’t have everything maxed.


I almost have
And i will earn enough stardust next 3-5 months


Why would i care about top 40? I drop maybe max 6 mons in a gym if desperate for coins meaning around 10pm and up and i only use about 2 pokemon to beat any gym.

Two Mewtwo can take entire gym or my 3rd so i realistically use 3 pokemon. The other 3 horde wins. For example my tyranitar and dragonite all have 3500+ wins and mewtwo have 4500+

I use dust on my mewtwo, tyranitar,dragonite. My strongest mewtwo uses alot of dust and candy. So i save it for him and only him. The rest are maxed. So i have about 5 maxed. and 3 mewtwo to power up and realistically can ony power up 1 mewtwo. The rest of fust will be for eevee and its rvos


If i was just to go power up all my dragonite and tyranitar i would be wasting dust in my eyes cause i wont even be using them. Unless i had so much dust and candy to have them just to defend which i don’t need since i am casually getting my coins. Also don’t get me


wrong, i have blissy and other pokemon maxed for my level i just dont mention them cause their lower than my top 12, my top 12 consists manly of tyranitar and dragonite and other strong mon that cp reach beyond 3000 and onwards