Current and highest stardust


Sorry for so many posts, my phone no longer lets me type long paragraphs. :sweat:


I just have whole top 40 maxed


mewtwo alone 10k dust a power up


maxed is level 40…


Maxed for me


My dust is currently around 600K, but trying to hit 1 million for future trades


IMO you cam better become ultra friends then spending 1 million dust


I know, but either way i have a lot of time and effort to put in first


Dust is huge now that trades are part of the game.


Another idea is to trade between your two accounts


For people that have friends near them, right? I don’t have any nearby friends. Closest is
@Luna_Kit , who is like 4000 miles from me. Unless there is someone closer that didn’t put their location in their profile


Lucky pokemom are coming
And you have friendship levels sonyou dont have to use million dust


I’d suggest this war should (or maybe already has) end(ed).

Right now (thank you zapdos day) i have 110k stardust. My highest was 330k. I’m planning to save up now. I’m not going to power up anything I won’t use.


I wonder how those Will be avaolable. I think it is a really cool idea though


Not for child accounts i think


Probably Trading


Getting near the 6mil mark but I just keep spending!


Lapras Lover!


Am I the only person who notices that it has 2 legacy moves…


Are they good? And ya I didn’t notice…:sweat_smile::smile: