Current and highest stardust


I keep all my legacy mons & yes this one has two legacy moves (hence the “•” in front of the moves) :smiley:
Keeping them makes Community & Legendary raid day difficult though as they (normally) automatically become legacy after the event is over.


350K; this gonna be a crazy event!


514k at this moment. Think I used about 70k so far. But I don’t keep the score.


Nothing spawning…

Can’t even play that much until weekend.


You just started



The double stardust did help, but I caught a lot of Pokémon also. 2944 at this moment.


When you have almost 6 million stardust, it doesn’t really mean much anymore. When I noticed that my Level 15 Eevee from reward, was 100% IV, I dropped our dust from 1.8 million to 1.5 million.




Oh yeah spawns arent rsre for oyu


There are just a few rich spots. But I travel for work to different places. And know I’m at a outrageously good spot. A extremely active nest and so many spawn points. Between Monday and today I’ve seen 92 & caught 89 duskull. And that is just the duskull.


Imagine that in Foggy Weather :stuck_out_tongue:


The next migration is in 5 hours. So tomorrow will be a surprise for me what the next Pokémon will be.



Building my way up. :muscle:t2:


I have obtained “Just” 60K dust today



Why did you zoom that much


I zoomed because it wouldn’t let me upload the file. Said it was too large


Ah. I know that problem :joy: but it doesnt have to be this much zoomed in lol


Hehe a bit better ?