Current and highest stardust


This is now both my current stardust and highest amount ever




I achieved a little over 550K



Been busy on my vacation :crazy_face:


That’s a lot of dust.
Have you powered anything up at all?

My current is my highest at 1.96mil.


I’ve powered up very few things but for the most part the dust is untouched. I’m waiting to encounter high cp hundos before powering up.


Pity maps still aren’t around. Lots of lvl 35 100%ers to be found…
Nice work on the dust also - 10m is my next stop


Yea man this account is at like 33 mill xp…which just goes to show how hard it is to find hundos …I mean I’ve found other hundos where the cp is too low …but I’m not about to waste stardust on some low cp hundo


Yea I think the one thing we can all agree on is that we really miss maps


The honest to god truth though is I only have that much stardust cuz I very rarely use it . And umm kingquan7 or whatever …,It May seem impossible to you…but it’s definitely not…,makes me wonder what u say to the people who have 3 or 4 times the amount that I have


I miss a map that automatically shows raids. Cant say i miss our 100% IV map. No constantly looking if i have to race outside to go get the next 100% pokemon. Its way more relaxed without them.


I am at this amount of stardust

Highest that i have ever got this year :joy:



This amount of Stardust is quite funny if you ask me.


I know :rofl:


So much 13 :smiling_imp:


Just an update


Your a Dust mining machine.
You’ve made a bit over 1.5Mil in the time I’ve made 120K
Out of curiosity, do you use a lot of Star pieces?


Stardust update, still waiting for Gen4 to drop so i can go spend it all :blush:


Im curious to see your top 12 pokemon. Do you ever actually spend stardust?


I definitely used star pieces although most of that dust was farmed without star pieces . I did use star pieces for the entire duration of the recent stardust event during which time I went from 6.8 mill to nearly 11