Current and highest stardust


My top mons are not that great at all but here they are so far…I also have a bunch of hundos I’m just waiting to power up



Well, i mostly spend my earned dust so in around two weeks time i have gine from 151k to 154k dust


GG on the dust. However your lineup proves what i’ve said before in this topic and other similar ones:
If you don’t spend getting a gazillion dust is easy.
Still GG :smile:


Only I don’t exactly understand why you need all that dust if you aren’t going to spend it…


exactly my thoughts. only bragging rights is a somewhat viable reason but even then there will always be people with more.


Not that great…
Thats OP


Most stardust ever!





It’s not that I don’t plan to use the dust . I’m just waiting until I have mons worth powering up. That account was made on February 1st of this year so I just haven’t had much time to gather power-up worthy mons


You have that nuch dust but no good pokemons???
Dont you have mewtwo?


Lol I got like 20 mewtwos but none that great . I think a 2262 at best


Every mewtwo should be maxed


screw that, i got 25 caught, 23 of those were trash material.


Mewtwo is the best pokemo of all


Why? you say this because you are rural and every mewtwo feels special for you and thus should be powered up? Noone in their right mind would power up crappy IV Mewtwo, they have no real use.

Again, i have 25. Mewtwo is strong but only has physic and fighting moves, which make him useless except for gymming and there is no gym in the world that need 25 mewtwo to take down.
(the new mewtwo moves are considered weaker then other strong pokemon besides Ice, and ice has no real use, so the new mewtwo simply is not strong at all).


Then whas the use of having strong pokemons of you can only use one at a time?


There arent AMAZING ice attackers,but Mewtwo with Ice Beam is acctually good.


Hes really not. Hes almost never the best actually…