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It’s incredibly complicated, so I just gave up and spammed a bunch of Japanese characters because I couldn’t figure out how to work the keyboard. Ones like Greek, Russian, etc were a lot easier to use.


:frowning: why cant we just copy/paste


There is another japanese keyboard iPhone users can find in the settings, this one uses latin letters and then changes them into japanese

I have it as “Romadzi” or something like that


i tried japanese, ill try that

edit - dont see it


That’s weird, i’ve even got 2 types of Japanese keyboard


same i tried first one now trying second

edit - second is nothing but :slight_smile: lmao


best i can do


Yes, its Romaji
you type in latin, it writes in japanese


Honestly that makes a lot of sense


it not working properly the “w” isnt changing
edit- 目Wテオ??that suppose to be right? lol why is W still w


Sometimes its a bit harder
Making out ryuu is simple, but myuutsuu doesnt work
Write my to get the first two symbols
Then write ts to get the thurd and fourth (they are in the opposite order, so delete the smile first, then type it again and delete the second thing)
and then just use the japanese ー


should i even ask why its myts trying this

edit - ts doesnt give me that


weird, what phone do you have?


Try scrolling through different symbols, maybe you can do that in the upper tab


i did text replacement and got it. Thanks for your help tho.
Got idea from reddit. Much less complicated.



Thats actually good, will definetly use it


made a topic.


For greek and russian its usually easier to just type them imo, they work like latin


Now i wanna drop mewtwo into gym and show off it’s name😤


Yeah, sucks others cant see the names
But I guess its to prevent inappropriate ones

Also, dont forget the ー in your M2’s name