Current and highest stardust


Headed in the right direction & also motivated the girlfriend to go from 30k to 700k+ :smiley:


I had to post again because this is the most satisfying thing for me…


I had 300k before using it all on community day (dratini)


I wouldnt mind naming my Mewtwo in a different language


I just felt like the Japanese of Mewtwo seemed a cool nickname to give it


My Rayquaza is named “uchūryū”, space dragon, it’s nice to use other languages for naming (like my shiny Pikachu, Ποντικι)


This is from my daughter’s account. She has been playing since July and I don’t think she’s ever powered anything up.


You downloaded the jap version? or How did you do it


No, he just named the Mewtwo like this


I just looked up what “Mewtwo” in Japanese was and copy/paste the name as it’s nickname


i cant paste nick names i tried that a month ago thats why i asked


I’ve made the copy-paste with the same name in japanese and it works fine…


It doesn’t work well on IOS


Cant copy and paste at all.


Oh really? That’s very strange, has it always been like that?


Yes it has, to get different characters into the game on IOS you have to set up a second keyboard that has the characters on it.


Yup, like I did with my Rayquaza


Will need to do this.

So hard to get over 215k stardust when trying to make mons stronger every raid i get rare candy😩


It does take a while, but that’s why I impose limits on myself that I have to catch a certain number of Pokémon a day.


idk how to deal with this jap keyboard…i dont see say symbols