Current and highest stardust


I’ve played for 4 years and only have 4 million stardust.


Spoof to paris mall or that park in (dont remember where it was) with 21 stops were there should be 2 and just turn on the goplus 24/7 should net some results aswell. No effort whatsoever.


The mall in Washington DC is walk to wall pokestops.


No bots ever just gpx routes and gotcha. Poured a ton of money into the game too.

Paris mall pokestops were all taken down. Zaragoza Spain is the place to play now. Budapest too. There’s a lot of places around the world that are just like Paris mall was


Not unless youre Brandon tan or something


What if you are disabled and still want to play?
I’m playing the devil’s advocate


Most forms among disability still allow you to play, but it probably isn’t as easy as normal. Not sure if it is a thing in the USA, but in my town, buses can deflate the tires to make the bus tilt, and have a small “bridge” like thing to make the buses accessible for people in wheelchairs, or other things like that


Then it just seems like it would be extremely boring. Im playing mostly for the social element (and a bit for the excersise). If you cant go outside to play, the gameboy versions of Pokemon seem much more interesting to me.


Honestly I could not go back to playing legit because it’d just be so boring. As a legit player I was seriously addicted to the game and it was not a healthy lifestyle. You make a good point and disabled people and honestly I know some people like that who spoof and have written letters to niantic . Niantics attitude is basically that this game isn’t for you if you’re not a mobile person




They had that in Hawaii (USA state) buses but not really in LA :slight_smile:



I won’t be leveling up anything for another couple weeks, but I figured I’d post where I am now.


This is my personal record. Now it’s time to spend stardust on power ups and special trades.


With several Luckies to finish powering up and several Lucky Trades still pending, I can’t seem to get any higher than a few hundred thousand stardust. It’s been over a year since the last time I had over a million (except, maybe, the Rhyhorn community day, which had the huge stardust bonus)…



New high! Decided to post before leveling up a couple of Pokemon.


So how’s everyone’s stardust hunt going now considering the current crisis ? Lol


I’ve been playing a lot more than usual and gained about 150k stardust in the last week or so.




Wow, only twelve days ago, and made a gain of almost 850,000 Stardust net-wise. I leveled up at least one Pokemon between then so gross is over a million.



Wish i had over 100K dust. I remember the days. Now i am always powering up mons.