Current and highest stardust


Only over a year ago, I was in the same boat. I decided to focus on just what I needed for the Legendary Raid Boss at the time, and then not level up anything else until the next one comes around. With an average of 4 weeks usually for Raid Bosses, I get to stock up a lot of Stardust. Now I’m encroaching on 7 mil.


I only power up mains. Literally, tbh. Currently on focusing on 3 mon.

Current dust: 158K+

Gonna be 58K if i do what i want tho…🥺

Edit- funny how i said 100K and got over that in a day



New high before a power-up.



I’m actually quite impressed with how much I got in just one week. I got almost 320,000 netwise (490,000 gross) over the course of one week.



Last update for about three weeks, since I won’t be leveling anything up until Zekrom arrives–assuming he’s next.


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:astonished: I haven’t posted here since January…
My stardust is going up and down between 5.8 and 6.2 million… I do play a bit in GO Battle League and it keeps eating dust (Ultra League mostly, because I constantly need to try new mons, I’m just no good in UL), but I’m fine with it.



New record high for me! It may be some time before I break this record as I’ll be leveling up more Pokemon in the near future.

EDIT: Apparently, I lied:




There will be one more update until I do a mass level up, but that won’t be for at least another 10 days.


I promise that this one will be the last post I make here for QUITE A WHILE, because I’m doing a MASSIVE level up purge. I was going to do this next week, but the return of certain Raid Bosses in GO Fest forced my hand. Check out my MASSIVE post in the Level 40 thread.