Current and highest stardust





New highest, and now I have to spend some to level up some Pokemon for Mewtwo.


I finally broke the 4 million barrier…image



Well, look at you flexing. XD


Heh spoofing aside I challenge anyone here to find any spoofer with 80 million dust …or a legit player for that matter


I mean I know I don’t have the most in the world but I just wanna be in the conversation



Yes, even when someone spoofs, 81 million dust is very impressive. On the other hand, I do not support spoofing


You got most dust I’ve ever seen.





Right before leveling up four Pokemon for the Raids this weekend.


My new personal record! :star_struck: :star2: :stars: :sparkles:


Should be able to hit 100 million before the end of the egg hatching event over the next 2 weeks

Got myself 140 super incubators and 90 regular ones for the double dust hatch event


I only now noticed, I haven’t posted here in a while…
I have gained and spent stardust in the last months. With the recent legendary raid bosses I had not too much need of powering up counters, but Team Rocket ate quite some of it…
This is my current and I think also my highest.



Right before I spent over 1.1 million on leveling up and second movesets for PvP.


Omg the game cuts me off at 99,999,999 dust




Well, your achievement just lost all its value @MrSparkle


Ok, I don’t support spoofing. But as long as he doesn’t use a bot or anything that is still impressive.

But I can’t express enough that spoofing is not acceptable in my point of view


Do you really think that with “normal” play it’s posible to get this?

At least it would be an “ill” dedication