Current and highest stardust





New highest, and now I have to spend some to level up some Pokemon for Mewtwo.


I finally broke the 4 million barrier…image



Well, look at you flexing. XD


Heh spoofing aside I challenge anyone here to find any spoofer with 80 million dust …or a legit player for that matter


I mean I know I don’t have the most in the world but I just wanna be in the conversation



Yes, even when someone spoofs, 81 million dust is very impressive. On the other hand, I do not support spoofing


You got most dust I’ve ever seen.





Right before leveling up four Pokemon for the Raids this weekend.


My new personal record! :star_struck: :star2: :stars: :sparkles:


Should be able to hit 100 million before the end of the egg hatching event over the next 2 weeks

Got myself 140 super incubators and 90 regular ones for the double dust hatch event


I only now noticed, I haven’t posted here in a while…
I have gained and spent stardust in the last months. With the recent legendary raid bosses I had not too much need of powering up counters, but Team Rocket ate quite some of it…
This is my current and I think also my highest.