Current and highest stardust



Highest Stardust ever. Figured I’d take a snapshot of this, because I have three Pokemon to level up for Kyogre.












Passed the 4 million last weekend.


Time to start Powering things up, go on a spending spree.

I did get min up to 2.3 mil again then went Power Up crazy spreading it over many Pokemon 5 days ago.




Had to power up 5 Pokémon for quest, then did my new Garchomp.


I’m posting this before the stardust event to see how much I will get during the event.







over 2m dust this week. Event has been great.


I had no time to grind, but just by regular gameplay I was able to make a bit more than 500k stardust.
This is my current and highest now


I got around 315,000 stardust during the event.


I think I’m close to 350.000 or even 400.00 dust this event. Spent a lot too.

I have this now:


I currenty have 7,665,071 stardust. my goal is 10 million



I’ll post an update again the night before Mewtwo returns to Raids, since I don’t need to level anything up until then.