Current and highest stardust


Just broke 3 million stardust on Azelf raid


Currently on 1528333. It will drop. I’m going to trade a lot of Pokémon tomorrow. Over 200000KM trading distance. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can but I’m not sure what a leekduck is








Just maxed out my Level 15 Hundo Dragonite.



So is this a record ?


Yours is the highest I have seen. Someone in my local group is around 15m which is the most i’ve seen in person. I’m at 9m right now and already have teams of all the best counters maxed out. Don’t have much reason to spend it anymore.


Nope. Its alot but not record. Saw 113 million on youtube 1 month ago.


Is that a joystick?


It looks pretty much like it. That way I can get ~55M Stardust too. :man_facepalming:t2:


No I meant is it a record for lowest cp Snorlax heh


Yea that’s a joystick …that’s not my account though. That’s a spoofer friend of mine who caught a 39 cp lax and I couldn’t believe it because I didn’t know they went below 40cp


It’s possible but honestly even amongst spoofers it’s rare they have over a million dust. Most because people just use it as they get it


Just out of curiousity… what stardust are you on now?
Honestly posting this here (low cp snorlax on a stardust thread where you happen to showcase 54 million stardust aswell) seems sketchy.
Mediocre save?




so what’s your dust right now