Current and highest stardust


You can still get new attacks


I actually don’t have that much stuff maxed out. Waiting on hundos for a lot of them. The stardust is so high because I use it very selectively. I do have several other level 40 accounts which I basically stopped playing as soon as they hit level 40. They are older accounts though missing a lot of the new generations. Then I decided to focus on one account when I made this one 14 months ago


To continue getting new pokemon, doing events, and other stuff. I don’t know anyone with every pokemon and all 2,500 or whatever of their pokemon have 2 moves and are maxed out, also.


Back down to 950,000. I decided to level up my hundo Yanmega for Latios, and bought several second Charged Moves. Every single one of them turned out to be the move I wanted, so that was cool.


You are fortunate to live in an area that must be rich in spawns and pokemstops to be able to achieve that amount of stardust.

Do you have an end goal for how much you want to gather?


My goal is to have all of the stardust …


yeah I already have most of the 2nd attacks for the best PVP guys at each level so i’m good there. I spent about 2-3 million dust on that to be competitive in pvp.


I wish there was a cumulative earned stardust figure like they have for xp. Would be interesting to see how much people earn vs. actually spend


this i would support.


as soon as someone reaches 100 million dust…


Finally got mine back to 2Mil last weekend after the big 100% Evolution Max out. Spend some small amounts along the way on the re-build.



15 months for 50 million dust makes me figure I could get a billion Stardust in about 25 years


That’s insane


Back on this number after a lot of expensive trades and powerups. I love the double stardust which is running now




I have used 300k recently and came back


I heard one trainer from Japan has about 115 mil dust


If you grind all day and buy tons of starpieces, targeting the weather boosted and not do powerups (much). I think it’s not impossible.


Can you post your leekduck shiny collection on the post your shiny topic??