Current and highest stardust


finally 1M+ gonna try and keep it that way


I used a whole bunch of candy and dust to power up my best Gengar from the raid day. He is now 200+ CP stronger than the best I used to have. Used in some Gym Battles this morning and he was awesome!


Thats good


1.1Mill+ stardust. :fire:


1.1k stardust



Did you get all of that in 1 day?


It was more like 2 days which wouldn’t be possible if not for the stardust event and the community day stardust bonus


31 hours I guess. Hoping to have 20 million by the time the event ends


Good luck!



Do you go to the mall every day?


Wow, 2 days!


1.2M dust


All your stardust belong to us


@MrSparkle, wow, that is the most stardust I heard of, including Youtubers. You must be grinding a lot every day.

Mine is a quarter of yours. :grinning:


impressive dust right there.


Spent a bout 120K on a 100Iv tyranitar. So i am back to 1.1M gonna try and get 1.5M+ before powering up anything else.


Still impressive at 5 mill which is more than most ppl have


I currently have 4K … the most I have ever had was 200K. I like having a nice variety of powered up Pokemon, so I pretty much use it as I get it. lol