Current and highest stardust


16 million dust is ridiculous… Very sure I will never get past 2 million to see 3.


1.1M now


Here’s the funny thing…if I wanted I could spent that 16 mill in a matter of hours but that’d be silly …don’t ever sell yourselves short just because you’re anxious to power up a Pokémon that maybe doesn’t deserve it. Be patient.


So your just gonna wait till every Gen is in the game, and then start powering up your mons?


No I guess I just have a crazy strict rule about not powering up mons unless they are hundos or at least 98…might actually need to relax a bit on that rule


But even if you don’t subscribe to that rule a good general rule of thumb is too always spend less stardust than you’re making . At least then you’re sitting on a nice cushion


The best advice there is.



I am about to have a huge drop in my dust though. Everyone in my “neighbourhood” (r=12km) wants to have Unowns G and W :joy:


780K highest i ever saved


Got an other 100k and I’am at 1.2M now. Did do my best this past two weeks otherwise It could have been a 100k more.


I’m at 1.7M now.


300K dust now


I had a bit over 2Mil 2 days ago and felt like Powering Up some Pokemon. Took Ice Beam MewTwo #1 all the way to L40 and also a second one blowing 280K in the process.
Felt guilty I got below my 2Mil ceiling so I got out the last 2 days and have it back over 2Mil with 40K to spend.



^^^I’m 16M less than that.


Whats going on, you’ve slowed down a bit. Only 2 Mil in 14days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Did you name yourself after Homer Simpson looked like a brand of soap in Japan?


Hahaha yes …I’m actually surprised the name wasn’t taken


i average around 5k dust, i spend it all on powering up my strongest bit by bit